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Are you interested in effective SCSEP practices identified in Region 1? 


Here is the link to download the complete list and details about the select practices found below:

  • The NAN Job Readiness Training program (JRT) was developed to help mature workers gain the skills necessary to obtain unsubsidized employment and to facilitate participant transition into the workplace.  JRT is a blended learning program that integrates instructor-led training with technology-based, hands-on learning.  The current program format consists of 13 interactive lessons which have been designed either to work in conjunction with one another, or to be facilitated as stand-alone segments.  JRT was designed for a SCSEP participant and its principles are applicable for any mature worker aged 40 and over.
  • The grantee, through its sub-grantees, requires participants have computer and work readiness skills training prior to placement at host agency sites.  This practice adds to the participant employability and placement potential.
  • TWP has created a job portal,, to connect its job ready candidates with placement agencies for temporary-to-permanent or direct-hire jobs.  OJE is offered for each participant profiled on the portal as an incentive for the employment above other job candidates.  The portal also contains a good deal of information about available training, job search tips, etc. and is updated regularly.
  • Test for Adult Basic Education (TABE)
    Sub-Grantee In-House Testing of Incoming Program Participants: Get test results same day as compared with the One-Stop that may take weeks, Testing of participants occurs regularly, Sub-Grantee controls when test is given, Greater ease in capturing of low-literacy, most in need factor  for participants who test at the low literacy level, and Reduces lag time in getting participant enrolled.
  • EOEA has been working on implementing several evidence-based programs for the SCSEP participants, these include Chronic Disease Self-Management Program, CDSMP, and Healthy Eating, HE . The planning stages began in June-July 2010. As part of the July 2010 session,Chronic Disease Self-Management Program, EOEA was impressed by the training/tool on how to manage any chronic condition, or a complex situation. The program/training can be used to address both, the job-readiness skills as well as participants' ability to retain employment due to additional barriers.
    Initially two possibilities were discussed for the participants: 1. To attend the program as participants and 2. To be trained and become the lay leaders to train other participants in their community. We also discussed a third option of combining the outreach and recruitment for the CDSMP/HE with leading the workshops into a Community Service Assignment for the participants. Please contact Olga for more information about this training tool.
  • Maine is very involved with the Coastal Counties Workforce, whom is one of two grantees in Region I, that manage the Aging Worker Initiative Grant. Maine was recently approved as a member of their Board of Directors. They have developed a program called Work Ready that offers a 60 hr. job preparation program that includes many job readiness workshops including resume writing and interviewing designed to prepare individuals for their search for unsubsidized employment.
  • Merchants’ Bank “Money Smart” training A collaboration with a statewide bank to provide basic financial literacy and budgeting training for our SCSEP participants. The trainings will focus on the basics of banking, personal budgets and banking customer rights.  These trainings will occur at Vermont Associates monthly Training and Employment meetings, with the first one occurring in February, 2011.  Vermont Associates and Merchants’ Bank have collaborated and decided that more comprehensive trainings will be offered based on Participant needs in the future. The bank has also offered one-on-one banking assistance and individualized training on an as-needed basis to Participants. This training compliments our transitional planning to accommodate the needs of Participants effected by Durational Limit.
  • NYSOFA sub-recipient in Erie County has developed the "Mature Job Seeker" Workshop which they hold at all four of their One Stops in the county.   This has been highly successful in promoting the visibility of program, recruitment and preparing participants for unsubsidized employment. 
    A summary paper detailing what is covered during workshop is available upon request."

For more information, contact the Boston Regional Office (click on contact) or contact Ms. Keeva Davis,