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Fast Mail
Posted on April 20, 2010 by Tricia Reynolds
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In an attempt to be better at sharing information that comes across my desk, I have uploaded Fast Mail, a regular compilation of the latest news and updates from the Community Transportation industry.  You can check it out under resources, special initiatives on this site.  I was at a meeting once where someone from the Department of Transportation stated that he felt public transportation was a civil rights issue.  Pretty strong language in my opinion, but maybe he was right.  The commuting patterns alone for people in this offiice are lengthy and cross state borders.  How do people get to work unless we have a good transportation infrastructure; and we do need to work for ourselves and the economy  So, keep up on the latest news from the Community Transportation industry and I will do my best to keep posting Fast Mail updates.  I hope this information is useful and informative as we look  at commuting patterns and other infrastructure issues that we deal with daily as we strategically plan our employment and training programs.