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The Center for Labor Market Studies will be hosting an informal seminar on Dislocated Worker Problems in the Northeast Region and the Search for Workforce Development Solutions.  Our first goal is to present research findings on the dislocated worker population in our region and each of the individual states, their re-employment and earnings problems, and the effectiveness of past alternative programs designed to serve them. We will to have an active, participatory discussion on innovative approaches to dislocated worker problems both here in the Northeast and across the nation and on current efforts to evaluate dislocated worker programs at the state and local area.


This seminar will be on May 26th at Northeastern University in 450 Dodge Hall (building #43 on the attached campus map) it will begin at 9:00 am and end around 3:30 pm.  


Please RSVP to Sheila Palma ( or (617) 373-2242 by Wednesday, May 19th.  Also feel free to contact Sheila with any questions.



Fast Mail
Posted on April 20, 2010 by Tricia Reynolds
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In an attempt to be better at sharing information that comes across my desk, I have uploaded Fast Mail, a regular compilation of the latest news and updates from the Community Transportation industry.  You can check it out under resources, special initiatives on this site.  I was at a meeting once where someone from the Department of Transportation stated that he felt public transportation was a civil rights issue.  Pretty strong language in my opinion, but maybe he was right.  The commuting patterns alone for people in this offiice are lengthy and cross state borders.  How do people get to work unless we have a good transportation infrastructure; and we do need to work for ourselves and the economy  So, keep up on the latest news from the Community Transportation industry and I will do my best to keep posting Fast Mail updates.  I hope this information is useful and informative as we look  at commuting patterns and other infrastructure issues that we deal with daily as we strategically plan our employment and training programs. 

Workshare, also known as, Short Term Compensation is and has been a national topic of conversation.  While Congress thinks over Unemployment Insurance Modernization, states are moving forward with passing Workshare laws in their own states.  New Hampshire sent a Workshare bill to the Governor last week and was signed today!  New Hampshire's Governor Lynch proposed Workshare as a component of a three-part plan to help New Hampshire citizens get back to work called, New Hampshire Working.  Workshare is a great way to prevent layoffs by keeping employees on the payroll part-time, while those impacted employees receive unemployment compensation to compensate them for the lost hours and wages.  Employers are able to keep operations going, employees aren't impacted by lost wages or layoffs, and trust fund loses are ameliorated.  It's a win-win! 
New Hampshire isn't the only state considering and implementing workshare.  Colorado is moving forward on a workshare bill too and I'm sure they will not be the last.      
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