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The summit was first and foremost a celebration of all of the work that was accomplished this past summer ramping up and serving unprecedented numbers of youth.  State, local and other workforce professionals were on hand to learn from their peers about how they implemented summer programming and how they overcame immense challenges that were part of this endeavor.  For me personally, it was great to be able to help organize and staff the meeting.  I made new connections and was able to introduce peers who could learn from each other.  As someone who would rather go to a conference to hear things first hand, I hope this type of conference continues in the future to address the many needs of our youth population.    



Link to Conference Materials:


New York State through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) created nearly 25,000 summer jobs for low-income youth during the summer of 2009.

Check out this video, produced by the New York State Department of Labor and NYATEP.  The video tells the story of the 2009 Summer Youth Employment Program in the words of the young people who participated in the program, and is based on more than 80 interviews conducted at 22 work sites across New York in July and August 2009.

Link to video:

Due to agency budgetary and travel constraints, ETA Region 1 is sending the attached Change 1 to WSL 11-03 to announce postponement of the Young Adult/Older Youth Conference, which was scheduled to take place in New York City on March 22-24.  Change 1 also mentions the Regional Office's hope to conduct webinars in the spring and summer that will focus on the three conference themes.  Information about the webinars will be issued as they are developed.  Please share this Change with the same audience you sent the original WSL to, and accept our apologies for any inconvenience this postponement may have caused.

Fresh off the press...the Boston Region 1 Rapid Response Roundtable at the Boston Langham Hotel on December 16-17, 09.  Time to gather your state team and register for the event  @ ttp://

If you're feeling daring, we encourage you to fill out the self-assessment tool.  Refer to the announcement below for agenda and resources.

We hope to see every state and multiple players represented so don't miss out!


New Hampshire partners along with many other states in Region 1: CT, NY, MA, and ME.   New Hampshire just launched a new website portal to report misclassified workers:  Looks like a a great tool to gain tips. 

So, why partner to find misclassified workers anyway...because it works!  New York state's misclassification task force has identified over $157 million in unreported wages.  This discovery resulted in an assessment of $4.8 million in Unemployment Insurance taxes.  With tight budgets and low trust funds, coordinating across state agencies to recoup unreported wages and misclassified workers appears to be a no brainer.  Start talking with your partners or your Region 1 state colleagues to link in.

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