This month's E-Newsletter

  1. The Community Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 3

Welcome to the Region 1
Community of Practice

The Boston-Region1 community is an online resource designed to facilitate information sharing among partners in the workforce system. Through this community we intend to accomplish the following:

  • Provide technical assistance through the Region’s Workforce Capacity Building Initiative

  • Feature regional events, technical assistance sessions, conferences and regional programmatic conference calls

  • Highlight innovative discretionary projects & grantees in the Region

  • Announce  webinars / news articles/ podcasts / links

  • Provide a forum for  States, Locals, WIBS’  & Grantees to SHARE, LEARN  & COLLABORATE

  • Provide a directory of  research regarding current economic conditions and its impact on Region 1 states (historical information Financial Sector Portal )

  • Highlight products and information resulting from ETA Region 1 special initiatives such as Team2020, Economic Analysis Team &, Workforce Capacity Building team.

  • Feature practices from field work (reviews and consultations)